Traditional wedding photography makes us cringe.  You won't be lining up with other couples to stand in front of cliched town halls or graffiti, that's for sure. 

Although we've now shot over 100 weddings, we still maintain that we are photographers who shoot weddings (because we love them!), and not wedding photographers.  Our weekdays are spent shooting interiors, architecture, portraiture, lifestyle and art projects.  This keeps things fresh and we bring our skills in these fields to your big day. 

We believe creating the memories of your day should be fun, natural, candid and un-obtrusive

We're there to tell your story, not create a cheesy sub-plot.  

Your day isn't just special because it will only happen once - it's also one of the only times that the crazy people you love most will be in the same place together. Special, hilarious and unique things happen between them.

We capture the tears, laughter, dirty-dancing and all the other once in a lifetime moments you are too busy to see but will want to cherish forever. 

We scout every location to find the best light and hidden vistas that will create truly unique images. Then we just let things unfold - no cookie cutter crap. 

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